Change-Making Marketing

Change-making marketing at Pearl Street is focused on one thing: your audience.

Do you need to promote your business, engage your community or help a big, hairy, audacious idea take flight? Team Pearl Street has the skills, experience and boldness to help shape your story and send it into the world.

Along the way, you can count on our creativity, focus and kick-ass marketing skills to make and measure the change you want.

We use our mad marketing skills to:

  • Design audience engaging creative that works in print and online

  • Build creative logos and dynamic social media plans

  • Write great content for newsletters, presentations and keynote talks


Change-Making Facilitation

Change-making facilita- tion and engagement is grounded in a simple and powerful tool: listening. As professional listeners, we know how to make meet- ings, organizations and communities comfortable so they can share what is on their mind and really hear one another. If you are looking to build a visionary strategic plan, need to grow your membership or want to break down walls, Pearl Street has the vision, skills and proven experience to facilitate and empower your change.

We use our creativity and listening skills to:

  • Plan, design and facilitate meetings that run on time and with purpose

  • Facilitate the genuine exchange of ideas between individuals, organizations and communities

  • Inspire groups to think big and measure their success by building work plans that are action oriented

We use our strategic vision and passion to:

  • Design (just enough) process to make sure your strategic plan stays focused, on time and on budget

  • Listen to your internal and external stakeholders to understand what they are saying (and what they really mean)

  • Write energizing and ready to execute plans that will guide and inspire your board and operational teams


Change-Making Coaching

Change-making coaching happens by creating conversations that enable sharing and reflection. With years of marketing experience, our Chief Listening Officer Curt Hammond is a passionate, energetic and skilled coach. Curt can guide conversations about strategic outcomes, tactical priorities and next steps in career development. No matter the situation, Curt will inspire success with proven and practical insights.


Change-Making Training

Change-making training empowers teams with the knowledge and confidence to support

a common outcome: changed behaviour. As professional trainers we balance the art and science of adult learning. Pearl Street training engages all senses to support various learning styles and increase knowledge adoption. Our training programs are filled with practical knowledge and insights to empower teams with the skills they need to accomplish more.



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