Hello. It’s nice to meet you!

Pearl Street is a full service marketing and communications company that is passionate about working with organizations that care.

The Pearl Street name captures two things that we are passionate about:
community and innovation.

Our namesake is an actual road in Manhattan, New York. It was the site of the world’s first central electricity generating station. Opened in 1882 by Edison Electric Illuminating Company (and run by Thomas himself!), it served a small geographic community. Electrical lights at the time were rare and the station was the first opportunity for the community to literally power itself. You can read more about the Pearl Street Station here and how it started the North American utility industry.

How We Work

Our kick-ass work comes from our commitment to:

  • Listen to the needs of our clients and their stakeholders

  • Practice servant leadership in all that we do

  • Build long term relationships and strong customer service

  • Respect both people and process

  • Creativity and thoughtful design

  • Collaboratively working with our clients and suppliers




Our Vision

A world that demands and is strengthened by meaningful marketing and communications

Our Mission

We passionately tell the stories of engaged organizations through kick-ass marketing and communications.

Our Values

We have three strands to our DNA that drive our work, culture and success: Boldness, Passion & Clarity

Our Pearls Of Wisdom

The world does not need more marketing. It needs more communicating. • We don’t talk to people. We talk with them. • Listen first. Communications is more than talking and writing. • It’s not about us. It is about our audience. • Less is more. • Consistency builds trust. • Clarity. Clarity. Clarity. • Beta is good. So are mistakes. • Never stop learning. Always share, especially the truth. • Honesty and transparency always win the day. • Courageous conversations make for better and longer lasting relationships. • Relationships matter. Partnership trumps flying solo. • More ‘and’ and less ‘or’. • Technology is a means not an end. • Ask. Don’t tell or sell. • Community is the answer.

meet Team pearl StreEt

We are looking for a ready-to-prove themselves Support Communicator. See the Job Description here. 

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Curt Hammond, Chief Listening OfficeR

Connect with Curt: curt@pearlstreet.ca


Delbert Williams, Support Communicator

Connect with Delbert: delbert@pearlstreet.ca