To B or Not to B. There was no question / by Curt Hammond

We love passion for a few reasons. Firstly, people who give a damn tend to be working on big and important things and value great communications. Secondly, passion is a common language that transcends sectors and can be a bridge between worlds and building new thinking. Finally, people who have passion for what they do, tend to be a lot of fun to work with (and pay their invoices on time!).

After making passion a core value of our company, we wanted to find a way to naturally attract clients and partners where ‘listening first’ would be celebrated and viewed as a strategic advantage. We have worked with lots of organizations and companies in the past but our best work has come when we have collaborated with leaders who are tackling big projects with boldness and a willingness to listen to their community.


We wanted to find a way to connect with more clients like that! Enter B Corp and our announcement of certification this week. As a Certified B Corporation, Pearl Street is making a very public commitment to our own success AND all those groups we interact with. We want very much to be a successful business in the traditional meaning of the word. However, that success will NOT come at the expense of our team, community or planet. #BusinessForGood

Our B Corp certification means that we have real and measurable proof that we are using our wonder powers for everyone’s good (not just our own). We like to think that being a Certified B Corp is like a Fair Trade rating but for the whole business, not just a bag of coffee (or LEED certification, but not just for a building).

We recognize that this certification couldn't happen without the passionate clients and suppliers that we work with. We are so lucky to have found a network of businesses, organizations and government officials that believe in the power of meaningful marketing, engagement and training. Alongside these great organizations we are proud to be building a world that demands -- and benefits from -- great communications.

- Curt