A Team DiSC Session

Everything DiSC Workplace is an amazingly powerful tool that helps individuals build more effective relationships, one relationship at a time. A DiSC profile is a window into your approach to work, your communication style and insight on how you tackle challenges. DiSC is a simple tool that will help you understand your work style so you can better understand those you work with.

After answering a short online survey that ranks words or phrases, DiSC provides a comprehensive report that shows the behavioural style, tendencies, strengths and growth areas of each team member. A DiSC profile will give everyone on your team instant and lasting impressions of themselves and their team. And, after a fun and engaging Pearl Street lead debrief session, your new knowledge will immediately improve your internal communications and engagement.

Find out more about DiSC by downloading our information sheet here

Everything DiSC Workplace sessions start at $2250.